3rd International Animal Training Conference 12th – 16th June 2016

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After the fantastic success of the second International Animal Training Conference Twycross Zoo are very proud to announce they will once again be running this event! (Sponsors include feedpods)

Entitled “Animal Training – The Journey”, the conference will focus on the hows, ifs and whys of animal training, showing both the trainers’ and animals’ journeys from concept to conclusion. Whilst we’re all very proud of showing off the finished results of our training sometimes the most interesting and exciting part of the process is how we got there. The conference will delve into this area looking at the entire process rather than just the final result.

You may have also noticed that the event is now over four days, please check back soon for more details and see our exciting plans unravel as we continue to plan for this exciting 3rd International Animal Training Conference.

Just as before all animal training related fields are welcome, from exotics to guide dogs, killer whales to snails – please come and share your animal training journey with us.

Keep checking back on the Twycross Zoo web site for further information or please email so we can keep you up to date with all our exciting developments.

Do you want to attend? Even better, do you want to present?  Start thinking now about your travel plans, and we hope to see all of you in 2016!


feedpods3rd International Animal Training Conference 12th – 16th June 2016
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