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Outdoors: feedpods are designed to work outdoors in any weather.
Collect and Return: If there’s a problem with your robot we will pick up your unit by courier, fix any issues and then return it to you.
Super Silent Operation™: feedpods Super Silent Operation™ means minimal disturbance to your animals.
Customer Care: Unmatched support and care from the feedpods team
Online Information: Access to a wealth of nutritional information curated by the feedpods team
The Extras: Includes mount, battery and temperature feedback sensing technology.

For best prices please contact us via email info@feedpods.com

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Product Description




  • Calibrated feeding
  • Non-corrosive construction
  • Wall mountable
  • Fully portable making it ideal for travelling and eventing
  • Battery operated for added safely
  • Power charger also supplied for mains power and recharging
  • Remote activation from your mobile phone or landline
  • Password protected
  • Automated feeding – Feed multiple times per day
  • Power Washer friendly
  • Hopper holds 20kg of feed
  • Super Silent™ Operation
  • Double Walled™ Construction
  • Tested in sub zero temperature
  • Polyethylene plastic is UV-stablilized and can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Extremely durable feeder, that will not warp or crack
  • Mounting points are provided for sturdy fitting and ease of installation
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Finished with a smooth, seamless coat that prevents feed/bacteria build up and is easy to clean

For best prices please contact us via email info@feedpods.com