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Animals - Lions

We feed animals worldwide

From our UltimateAnimal platform customers know: 1. When the animals are getting fed (exact time and date) 2. How much they are getting fed (in real-time) 3. The environmental conditions they are exposed to (temperature, location and other sensor data)

feedpods features include.

Mobile Control: The use of a mobile phone and computer to control the feed activation and portion size means feeding can be randomised and controlled on-demand from anywhere

Timer Control: Set a feeding schedule on the feedpods unit itself or remotely from our platform

Our technology enables the feedpodsTM to work globally and with our Solar Power solution and unique battery technology you are only limited by your imagination as to where you can place them

Customers have reported a +20%. increase in productivity, +35% increase in animal activity & foraging and a -10% reduction in stereotypical behaviour

The feedpods can hold a generous 25 kg/55 lbs feed capacity and can be accurately released via the timer or on-demand from our platform


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